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Potential Junior Non-Commisioned Officers Cadre 01/15

The Potential Junior Non-Commisioned Officers Cadre (PJNCOC) commensed on 16th May 2015 and ran for a period of six (6) weeks concluding on april 25th 2015. comprising of members from 1ABR,SSB,ABCG and ABNCC The aim of the PJNCO Cadre is to Produce Junior Leaders  within the force .the course is tailored to be rigorous and […]


The ABDF Drill Competition comprised of the First Battalion Antigua and Barbuda Regiment (1ABR), Service and Support Battalion (SSB), Coast Guard (CG), the Antigua and Barbuda National Cadet Corps (ABNCC) was held on the 6th September 2013 at Camp Blizard.


As part of the schedule of events to mark the ABDF 32nd Anniversary, a service of thanksgiving was held on Sunday 8th September 2013 at the St Peter’s Anglican Church, Parham. The Queens and Regimental Colours were paraded. In attendance were Her Excellency the Governor General, Prime Minister, Minister of National Security and Labour, Members […]

Warrior Challenge

The ABDF hosted the Warrior Challenge on 31st August 2013 where over two hundred (200) civilian and military participants accepted the challenge at either run or walk a total of 16.8 miles. The challenge commenced at Camp Blizard and ended at Shirleys Heights having braved the long and winding hills to the renowned historical landmark. […]

16 Mile Inter Unit Relay 2012

The Coast Guard outpaced their counterparts from the other Units to win the ABDF annual inter Unit 16 Mile Relay which was held on Monday 27th August 2012. The race commenced at Long Bay and ended at Camp Blizard. Each of the participants was required to run a total of two (2) miles. You have […]

Got it? Get it? Military Cook-Off and Health Fair

The Population Services International (PSI) in collaboration with the Antigua Barbuda Defence Force hosted its first ever military Cook-Off competition “Got it? Get it?”

Heavy Duty Equipment Handover Ceremony

An official handover ceremony to mark the handing over of various heavy duty vehicles procured through the People’s Republic of China Military Assistant Program

US National Guard trains Police, Defence Force

Twenty-six “middle managers” from the Antigua & Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) and the Royal Police Force spent last week sharpening skills in a leadership seminar led by the Florida National Guard 211th Regional Training Institute (RTI)

Defence Force to save gov’t money

The Antigua & Barbuda Defence Force is striving to become more self-sufficient and, if successful, could, starting next year, save government approximately $700,000.

No unauthorised use of camouflage clothing, authorities warn

Anyone caught wearing or selling military-type camouflage clothing will be arrested.