Potential Junior Non-Commisioned Officers Cadre 01/15

June 8, 2015

DSC_0053 The Potential Junior Non-Commisioned Officers Cadre (PJNCOC) commensed on 16th May 2015 and ran for a period of six (6) weeks concluding on april 25th 2015. comprising of members from 1ABR,SSB,ABCG and ABNCC

The aim of the PJNCO Cadre is to Produce Junior Leaders  within the force .the course is tailored to be rigorous and taxing on the candidates to test and improve both their physical and mental fortitude


best overall student


The training comprised of Foot and Rifle drills where the focus was placed on enabling them to both command and control a squad and also sharpening their own personal drills.Also the course members had lesson plans to prepare meanwhile keeping up with other events that were tailored to test their time management skills .

Physical training played a vital Role for this Cadre in particular as this course was the first to test out the new Physical training requirements which consisted of a Rucksack march, A 15 mile timed walk\Run and 5 mile run . the course engaged in frequent visits to Mount Obama to as a means of Challenging themselves at the end of every week completed.

Mount Obama summit

Mount Obama summit


Map reading and Land Navigation 

the members of the course were reintroduced to map reading and land navigation as a component of the course . this phase was broken down into both theoretical and practical ensuring that the students grasped the concept of map-reading completely ,enabling them to identify geographical features on the map and plan the best route beforehand and the practical tested their ability to make decisions on the ground individually .

dont get lost

don’t get lost

found it Sir !!!

found it Sir !!!


Field-craft and Movement     IMG-20150510-WA0009[1]

the Field craft Instructions along with the Movement instructions reinforced the importance of teamwork and also taking command of the situation to accomplish the mission . It is important to remember that the team must operate as one entity and a leader must ensure the team moves together fluently.




Many lessons were learned from the PJNCOC 01/05 course . one that will stick with all is be prepared for anything . always be ready

Peters 20150405_185053





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