1st Antigua and Barbuda Regiment


1abr logo 1 ABR’s Formation

The unit was formed in 1995 originating from members of a company that was housed at Crabbs Training Area.  The unit is comprised of a Battalion Headquarters, one regular company along with two notional companies.  1abr

1 ABR’s Role’s and functions

To execute the Force’s mission
Supporting the Coast Guard in its drug interdiction.
To conduct IS ops within the State.
To develop personnel to provide technical support to accommodate the immediate needs of the Force.
To provide personnel who are combat ready for any conflict within the region.

To provide personnel who can operate effectively during a national emergency crisis. 1abr_02  

organization chart 1 ABR’s Responsibilities

Providing security at key government installations.
Providing general support to other governmental departments
Providing assistance to the police with its crime fighting strategies.
Assist the other Units within the ABDF with generals support.
Tactical training of personnel.

1 ABR’s Facility


Crabbs Training Area (CTA) is the home for the First Antigua and Barbuda Regiment (1 ABR).  The base is located on the north eastern side of Parham Town on what is known as the Crabbs Peninsula.   The base is situated on approximately 45 acres of land.

On the facility are two barracks assigned to the junior ranks, an Officers quarters, a SNCO quarters, a lecture hall combined with the kitchen and mess hall and an Admin complex.

The facility is also equipped with both a pistol and rifle range.  The range is extensively used by all Units of the ABDF, the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda and the Rifle Association.

Also accommodated on the base is a fire fighting school for ONDECK Antigua Ltd.

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