US National Guard trains Police, Defence Force

August 23, 2013

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Twenty-six “middle managers” from the Antigua & Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) and the Royal Police Force spent last week sharpening skills in a leadership seminar led by the Florida National Guard 211th Regional Training Institute (RTI).

Captain Telbert Benjamin, who is the staff officer with responsibility for operations and training, said six members of the police force along with 20 Defence Force personnel attended the workshop.
“They were exposed to management and leadership techniques both for within a field environment as well as an administrative environment,” Benjamin said.

“It lends to our middle managers staying current and sharp as it relates to best practices globally.”
The training is part of the on-going US National Guard’s State Partnership Program Exchange, which helps in the development of junior non-commissioned officers within the ABDF and Police Force.

“I think a lot of the leadership material being conducted during this exchange is very beneficial,” 1st Sgt Jason Moak, a facilitator for the Florida Army National Guard’s 211th RTI said.
“With this, they have the tools to be better leaders and to broaden their minds.”

The guardsmen shared knowledge from their experiences and backgrounds to teach the latest strategies for managing day-to-day struggles, conflicts, breakdowns in communication and even crises.
The goal this year was leadership development with emphasis on resilience.

“For some people, certain aspects are an eye opener and for others it’s a refresher,” Army Sgt Lisa Goodwin, assistant to G-3 Cpt said.

Bertla Benjamin, ABDF liaison said, “I’m happy that we can achieve this and to have the Police Force involved, so when it comes to situations, we can all be on the same page.”

The seminar, which was held for the second time here began on August 12 and ended on August 16.

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